Scientific name: Albula Vulpes, Albula Garcia

Best time to fish: The summer months through October, but can be found year round.

The hunt: Sight fishing. While you stand lookout on the bow, Capt. Steve will poll the boat through crystal-clear skinny water. All eyes will be searching for “tailing” or feeding bonefish, whose transparent tails poke above the waterline. These guys are hungry and ready to eat your well positioned bait or fly. Cruising bones, often more wary than feeders, can also be spotted on the flats and persuaded to eat.

The elusive “grey ghost” is one of the smartest and most rewarding flats fish to catch. Once you convince a bone to eat, you’ll never forget the sound of your line screaming off the reel as he makes a long run for it – and the heart-pounding prized fight begins.