Post Irma-geddon

For those of you wondering if the Keys are still a viable vacation option I wanted to let you all know we are open for business! While everyone has been affected somehow by one of the largest storms … [Read more...]


People often ask me about the eating habits of the wiley permit. Most often, I tell people that live crabs are almost unfair when in pursuit of one of the flats most prized sportfish. But they'll eat … [Read more...]

Meet Capt. Eddie

Since the last AFG update, we welcomed Captain Eddie Yarbrough to the fishing team. Starting in early 2016, he has kept busy running trips out of our 22 foot Maverick Pathfinder bayboat. Capt. Eddie … [Read more...]

2015 IWFA Light Tackle Tournament

Worth it. What do you get when two days of a 3-day tournament are called off due to weather? A one day rodeo featuring a bonefish catch worth bragging about and two tournament awards, that's what. … [Read more...]

Triple Tails

Triple Tail? The fish by that name is a prized offshore catch that sports a hearty fight and is tasty too, if you choose to keep it. But a trinity of permit certainly boasts its own special level of … [Read more...]

Too Busy To Blog About It

Fall is a funny time for a fishing guide in the Keys. The breakneck pace ebbs a bit, and I have time to get friendly again with all the land-loving facets of my life. Dock duties are essential, for … [Read more...]

Winter and the Bonefish

Dave from Colorado came into town for a few days recently to get in some much need bow time.  He brought a quiver of fly rods and reels and had tied up some very tasty looking flies. Dave actually … [Read more...]

Clouded Over

On a recent half day trip the weather was pretty ideal for the most part.  We had some decent sunshine, light and variable winds and good tides.  After finding some nice bonefish but failing to get … [Read more...]

Summer Tarpon Fishing

I often hear some of my inquiring anglers say they heard there were no tarpon around because it's not "Tarpon Season." This implies that tarpon are only around the Florida Keys in May and June.  This … [Read more...]

Back in the tournament saddle

Teaming up again, Sam Kaufman and I are riding out the unofficial "end" of tarpon season by fishing this year's Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament. (April through June are thought of as the prime tarpon … [Read more...]