Post Irma-geddon

For those of you wondering if the Keys are still a viable vacation option I wanted to let you all know we are open for business! While everyone has been affected somehow by one of the largest storms ever to pass by our pristine waters, I am truly amazed at the turn around. Most of the debris piles will be pickup up and moved out by the end of October. Hotels, restaurants, bar and marinas are up and running for the most part, while still some are working hard to get back open sometime by the beginning of 2018. I’ve been out on the water many times in an effort to document how the Everglades and Florida Bay survived Irma. I have been out with journalists from the Miami Herald, scientists from the Everglades Foundation and marketing companies like VisitFlorida and the Monroe County Tourist Development Council. All in an effort to show that we are bruised and battered, but getting stronger everyday. Many people have asked what they can do to help. The very best thing you can do is to come to the Keys, book a guide, stay in a hotel, go to the restaurants and enjoy a vacation. If you want to do more, you can donate to various non-profits that oversee the disbursement of funds to those in need. Many of you know I am deeply vested in the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association and the Guides Trust Foundation. The GTF is a 501c3 organization and is great place to donate not only because it’s a federal tax write-off but you will be helping many fishing guides in need. And there are many. We are doing our best to get the boats ready, the docks repaired, the tackle situated so when you come to visit all you will be talking about is when will be your next visit. Oh, and the fishing? That’s been outstanding. Bonefish are back in some great numbers, more tarpon than I’ve see this time of year in forever, permit love these king tides, snook are crashing and redfish are schooling. That’s just a sample of what we’ve got for you when you come to check out the aftermath of post Irma-geddon.


Floating dead sea grass in Florida Bay post Irma

Dr. Steve Davis on a broken off piece of mangrove

Triple tail enjoy the debris left behind Irma’s wake

Post Irma baby tarpon

Post Irma Snook

Rod bending action post Irma